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There was nothing about this in the manual

One of my favourite memories from when my sister's kids were even smaller than they are now (I think the girl was two and a half or so, the boy not even a year), was being on the phone with my sister and hearing her suddenly say to her daughter, "stop putting stickers on your brother!"

Oh, how I laughed. I mean, we agreed later that neither of us would have ever thought we'd be saying that to anyone in a million billion years. Obviously children will always, always surprise you.

Well, I didn't think much would beat the 'don't sticker your brother' admonishment until this morning, when I had to tell Jav to stop licking the sole of his shoe.


Nope, never saw that one coming. And I have to admit I was so horrified at the idea that my 'NO! NOOOOO!' scared him. But seriously--licking your shoe? Who does that?

Three year-olds, apparently. Wow. I can almost see the attraction. Almost. Well, not really.

I explained exactly why I freaked the hell out (amidst much cuddling), and hopefully he won't do it again. ::shudders::

Some days I dread how he'll astound me next....
Tags: my wonderful boy, parenting, whoa
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