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A leopard don't change his spots, Jimmy.

I know I'm preaching to the choir here, but:

This is beautifully written but very sad Huffington Post blog by Linda Robertson, about how she learned to truly love her gay son, but too late to save his life.

Initially, Ms. Robertson and her husband told their son Ryan that they loved him no matter what, but that he needed to reconcile his sexuality with the teachings of Jesus and the expectations of God. But because it's impossible to change how you're born, naturally all the prayer and good intentions in the world couldn't make Ryan 'normal'. Ryan eventually became a drug addict to numb his self-loathing.

Shortly before Ryan died of an overdose, his parents realized that having their child home, safe and well was far, far more important than his sexuality. They also came to the conclusion that if God wouldn't change Ryan's sexuality, than maybe it was because Ryan had been born exactly as had been intended.

I have deistic leanings though I don't believe in God, but even so it seems eminently logical that if an all-powerful, perfect being keeps dropping humans onto this overcrowded planet, then whatever way we're born is how we should be. To me this is as obvious and indelible as needing oxygen. God doesn't make mistakes, right? Right.

The problem is that a lot of--far too many--people think that God's repertoire is limited. That somehow the supreme being who gave us Sunflower Sea Stars and Echidnas could only figure out binary sexuality and gender when it comes to Hir supposedly favourite creations. So God doesn't make mistakes, but we can somehow choose to be mistakes. Which doesn't even make any sense--why would anyone choose to live in a way that most people still abhor?

They wouldn't, and they don't. But children (and adults) are still dying because of the pain of denying who they are or trying to change it. I'm sure that's not what God wants. Too bad humans are far more fallible.
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