No Whimsy, Sugar (taste_is_sweet) wrote,
No Whimsy, Sugar

Here: Have a glimpse into my brain.

I had a dream last night (which I only just now actually realized was a dream, instead of reality) wherein, in no context I can remember, my son (currently 7 & 3/4) told me excitedly that Fluttershy of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is going to die in the next season of the show.

I can distinctly remember thinking of what a bold move that was, for the Hub network to kill off one of the beloved main characters of an extremely popular children's program.

I suppose that my son being in any way pleased about the impending demise of the gentle yellow pony with the bunny companion and the constant optimism, might've tipped me off that I was dreaming, but apparently not. I mean, he likes the show, but he's not a brony anymore. He even gave away almost all his MLP toys over a year ago. He's into Lego these days.

But I know he thinks Fluttershy is too cool to be murdered in the name of Nielsen ratings. Which is partially why, when I was casually musing about the strange news of her impending doom, it suddenly hit me that there was no way that could be actually happening; I'd just dreamed it.

Why it's physiologically impossible for me to have any cool or fun dreams, I'll never know. But at least it wasn't one of my usual nightmares where I desperately have to get somewhere and can't find the subway, or the airport, or my clothes.
Tags: whoa, yes i watch television, yet more proof i'm out of my mind
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