No Whimsy, Sugar (taste_is_sweet) wrote,
No Whimsy, Sugar

I am she as you are she in NYC and we are not together

Growing up, I met one person in my entire life who had the same first name I do. I found my name all of one time on a personalized gift tchatchke. People still have trouble pronouncing it. My last name is fairly common, but the two names together? Not really.

And then I moved to the US and started getting other people's email.

Aside from the occasional hilarity and general annoyance, it was mildly interesting to see what the other women with my name were getting into. I didn't realize until today that it was, most likely, just one other person, whose email differs from mine because she uses a letter where I have a period. Which means that instead of random emails from a group, I've had a front-row seat to certain parts of a complete stranger's life.

A perfect visual metaphor. Especially since the model looks like a Cylon.
 photo 5632_wpm_lowres.jpg

I know she lives in New York City and where she went to college (an arts school, interestingly enough). I know about at least one scholarship attempt (I hope I told the emailer that they had the wrong address for that one). I know about clubs she's joined and some of her jobs and/or internships. I know that her mom sent her some expensive sweaters from Macy's and that she worked at the Chirpy Ski Resort of God. And now I know she's graduated and is moving into her first apartment.

My name-doppelganger baby! Growing up on my computer screen right before my eyes! It's magical.

I wonder if she'll take her husband's last name when she gets married (or her wife's; whatever) and I'll finally stop getting her email, which would be pleasant. I wonder if she's ever noticed that sometimes she doesn't get quite as many newsletters as she should.

She is so lucky that I'm not a stalker. Or into stealing sweaters from Macy's. Just saying.

I wonder if I'll ever meet her, though if I do at least we'll have something to talk about.

And now I'm wondering how the hell she can afford an apartment in NYC, even if she's sharing it. Of course, at this rate I'll eventually find out.

(Photo credit is to via Free Stock I try to use photos legitimately these days, because Stealing Costs Everybody.)

Tags: oops, stuff i like, this is my real life
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