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The next obvious direction to take my literary career after the dinosaur porn.

While poking around the multitude of online publishers, I came across this website. Astrea Press specializes in books that don't have sex. As in none. Whatsoever. (They refer to it as showing 'pink parts', which is kind of cute.) Personally, I love this idea. After years of fanfiction and slash, the idea of not having to write about bumping uglies is pretty cool. Unfortunately, they don't take novels with too much violence in them either. Which disqualifies pretty much anything I've ever written, ever.

BUT! They're not the only publishing house out there that specializes in these kind of romances. Even Elora's Cave, known for its erotica, has a 'Sweet' line called Blush. And then of course there's 'Inspirational' romance. Harlequin is very well known for this genre, which has way less pink--not even tongues--and way more God.

"Come back to the church, Sarah. Or I'll eat you."

And that, O best-beloveds, is when I realized that I'd hit a completely untapped genre, combining two of the hottest trends in publishing right now: Dinosaur Erotica and Inspirational Romance.

Isn't that beautiful? I can see you getting misty-eyed with joy already.

(The photos I used are: Two Amish Girls by Sharee Basinger, Raptor by Yinan Chen, Pretty Church by Terrence Hatch, and Rural Field by Larisa Koshkina. They can be found Here, Here, Here, and Here. At Public Domain

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