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Thank you, CW, for knowing why we really watch television

I was going to do a post on something far more informative and, dare I say, useful, but in the process of finding pictures for it, I happened (totally accidentally, I swear) to come across this.

The article, though extremely, um, fascinating, is not the important part. The beautiful males on display without their shirts isn't the important part either (though I had to examine them closely and at length to determine that. RESEARCH, PEOPLE). The important part is that the CW Television Channel that owns Arrow did it in the first place.

Those posters of the three hunky heroic main characters on Arrow are blatant fanservice. 'Fanservice' (for those not following the link because they know that TV is a gateway drug of epic timesuck), refers to how entertainment producers will purposely contrive to display the bodies of attractive characters as a reward for fan loyalty.

Mostly, fanservice is intended for straight men (lesbians and bisexual anybody are an afterthought). There are many reasons for this, but personally I think it comes down to, a) most mass-market entertainment being written and/or designed by men; and, b) a general assumption that women watch for the plot while men need added encouragement.
I think this movie had giant robots in it.

But that doesn't mean fanservice for straight women (and those who aren't straight but like it too) doesn't exist. Indeed, I think that it's steadily increasing. The Spartacus TV series on Starz is a perfect example. Sure, there were topless or naked women everywhere, but I swear that season three had even more naked men. I've never seen so many manscaped, jiggly male bits in my life. It was awesome.

And the CW channel knows what side its bread is buttered on. Specifically the side that generally appreciates jiggly male bits. And they are fanservicing them like crazy.

I love it. A lot of that love is for how hilariously obvious it is. I only watch the CW's show Arrow, but aside from the shirtless posters I linked to, nearly every episode includes generous shots of Oliver Queen exercising or sparring with his buddy John Diggle. And Stephen Amell is always, always shirtless when he does it. It's like the producers are winkingly inviting us to simultaneously admire the display and be in on the joke.

It goes beyond the eye candy. Arrow's fanservice makes me feel included; like the CW actually values my attention. I know that it's really about getting advertisers to pay for a target audience, but it's nice to be a target audience for once, especially for my favorite genre.

And I definitely appreciate beauty.

It's a beautiful thing.

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