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Arrr! and, Roarrr! and yes this stuff really exists.

Just in case you thought there could possibly be a genre of music out there that no one has thought of yet, I give you:

Pirate Death Metal

Aye, me hearties! Buckle that swash and gang the plank! Here be Scottish lads who turned their love of all things pirate and alcohol-fueled into what should have been a cute Ren Faire filking act and instead became a thriving music career.

And of course, after pirates, there have to be ninjas, right? Googling "Ninja Heavy Metal" immediately resulted in--what else--a band called Heavy Metal Ninjas. They're from New Zealand, because of course they are.

Now that I'd found pirates and ninjas, the next step was obvious. "Astronaut Metal" resulted in a link to the Irish band "God is an Astronaut". They're not heavy metal so much as...heavy instrumental? Kind of? They don't seem to actually sing. Check out their YouTube channel. A lot of their stuff is surprisingly pretty.

Just for fun, I Googled "Dinosaur Heavy Metal" because dinosaurs are really, really awesome and at this point I figure you could probably throw random words together and discover a heavy metal music genre for it.

Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Hevisaurus, from Finland. Heavisaurus are a heavy metal band for children, who dress up as dinosaurs. Like you do. Here's a video:

Check out that hair and leather. These guys are hardcore.

Sadly, Googling "Heavy Metal Fairy Tales" did not produce another band. It did, however, result amazingly enough in Heavy Metal Fairy Tales. Apparently a self-published books series which use heavy metal lyrics as dialogue.

"Cat Heavy Metal" is not a genre, alas. But Babymetal is!

At least in Japan.

Anyone else out there have a potential heavy metal genre? I didn't look up unicorns or aliens, but I'm optimistic.
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