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Say Hello to My Little Friend

It's Hurt/Comfort Bingo (hc_bingo) time again!

Last year's card is here, and I murdered that sucker. It was awesome. :D I don't know if I'll get as many squares this year, but I certainly aim to try (and if I hit, there will be injuries).

Here is my painfully beautiful card for this year:

Crucifixion arena Betrayal strapped to a moving vehicle Amnesia
Isolation surgery loss of hearing Humiliation Loss of Identity
nausea confession in desperate situation WILD CARD (Drugged) Accept Injury to Protect Someone Self-Harm
eating disorders sex pollen headaches / migraines Destruction natural disasters minor illness or injury
serial killers Assault phobias learning to be loved Combat

As you can see, I've already filled a square. Misery for the win. :D
Tags: bingo was its name-o, fanfiction, this makes me happy, w00t, writing
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