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Sink Your Teeth Right Through My Bones, Baby

let's see what we can do

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No Whimsy, Sugar
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Hi, there. I am Canadian and very proud to be so, but I've been living in Texas since 2001 because of my husband's job. Since I'm an agnostic, leftist liberal who supports peace, universal health care and same-sex marriage, I can't say that I will ever totally fit in here, but Texans are super-nice and there's something to be said for a state with actual, genuine cowboys. But I miss Canada and will always think of it as my home.

I have long ago accepted my geekdom, and TV shows and movies with magic, aliens or superheroes make me very happy. I also read a great deal, though these days I read far more online or via apps than on paper. I'm also one of those people who seems to only know bizarre and fairly useless pieces of information; I like to think of it as my mutant superpower.

Since I'm a geek I naturally love fanfiction, romance and the kind of slash that means boys kissing and not Freddy Kruger.

I love meeting new people and don't be surprised if I seem to friend your journal out of the blue. You don't have to friend me back, but it always makes me very happy when it happens.

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